Agri-Tourism – The New Cash Crop


The Federal Government wants to boost agri-tourism and food tourism from a cottage industry in an
effort to help farmers earn more.

A review by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, to be completed by the end of the
year, is examining ways farm-based tourism including working farms, wineries, farmers’ markets and farm stays can expand.

The review examined 10 areas around Australia, including two in Queensland: the state’s tropical north and the Darling Downs.

A spokeswoman for the federal Minister for Agriculture, Tony Burke, said: “It is important because it
gives food, wine and fibre producers a way to diversify their businesses and find new sources of revenue. It helps farmers to survive challenges such as the drought and climate change and taps into the trend of more city dwellers wanting to understand where their food comes from.

“Initial report findings showed that, while agri-tourism is still in its infancy, it has potential to expand.

The report noted that establishing a food tourism business could be risky and required regional support. It also said farmers needed to be encouraged to take the initiative to become involved in food tourism.

However, as is the case in countries such as France and Italy, integrating agriculture and tourism can build a stronger regional identity.

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