Feature Product – Black Sapote

 Available Now until the end of January


Other names: Diospyros digynablack_sapote011, Chocolate Pudding Fruit, BlackPersimmon.
Intro: Not a fresh fruit to be eaten off the tree.
History: Native to Mexico
Shape: The fruit is about the size of a very large apple and tomato-shaped.
Weight/size: Typically weighing 700g to 900g and ranging between 60 -120mm in diameter.
Colour: The fruit has a bright green and shiny skin when unripe. When it ripens, the skin turns dark brown.  The flesh is black when ripe.
Taste: The flesh tastes like chocolate, but only when perfectly ripe. The taste is otherwise slightly bitter.

Buying/storage: The crown on top of the fruit should be raised, which indicates the fruit is mature. During ripening, changes of the fruit are dramatic: overnight it turns dark green and later brown-black, and goes from rock hard to soft and mushy. Do not refrigerate until ripe. Ripe fruit or pulp may be refrigerated for a few days, however, freezing is better. Frozen whole fruit or pulp retains its subtle flavour for more than six months, and frozen pulp is suitable for use in any recipe.

Preparing/serving: Only eaten when very soft. Simply cut the fruit in half around the centre and scoop out the flesh and remove the seeds. Very soft fruit has a delicate skin, which may disintegrate when cut. Flavour is enhanced by the addition of a little rum, vanilla, cream or coffee liqueur (Kahlua or Tia Maria). It makes a delicious ice cream and is also great in mousses, cakes, cheesecakes, muffins, bread and preserves.


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