100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences

Australian Traveller Magazine is seeking nominations to put before its panel of experts for the upcoming special issue “100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences”.

Our Panel of Judges includes Maggie Beer, James Halliday, Simon Johnson, Matt Moran, Jacques Reymond, Michael Ryan, Alla Wolf-Tasker and Peter Russell-Clarke, and at this point all quality Australian foodie experiences will be considered for the nomination process.

Along with top-shelf experiences of the “Dining at Tetsuya’s” variety, we Online Pokies would also like to hear about plenty of local, homegrown and obscure material — real experiental stuff along the lines of “shucking oysters on Constitution Dock as the Sydney to Hobart yachts rolls in”, or “scoffing a fresh scallop pie at the bakery in Ross”, or even “eating a pie and sauce using only one hand at the Boxing Day Test at the MCG”.

Nomination Forms can be downloaded at www.australiantraveller.com/100gourmetnominationsor email lisap@australiantraveller.com

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