Wanted: Growers and Food Producers of the Region


The call is out for Tableland growers and food processors to promote their wares as part of a whole-of-Government push for a more focused approach to regional agri-food tourism.

Two complimentary food-focused projects being run by Advance Cairns, with funding from the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation and the Federal government’s AusIndustry TQUAL initiative, will position Tropical North Queensland as an emerging tropical agri-food tourism destination by building an alternative tourism theme for the region, based on tropical agri-food experiences.

Advance Cairns Food Project Officer Sue Fairley, who is based on the Tableland, said, “There is an overwhelming diversity of what is grown and processed in this region; however we are also aware there are many other growers and producers out there that we could be supporting, assisting and linking to existing and potentially new market opportunities.”

“For example, with Organics being identified as a significant world trend, we are keen to assist in the development and promotion of organic, bio-dynamic, permaculture and bio-diverse farming,” Ms Fairley said. “Also, the region’s top chefs are very interested to source new products for their menus, and that was evident recently during the two chefs’ tours of the Tablelands and the Cassowary Coast where dozens of chefs were able to sample the region’s produce first-hand and fresh from the farm.”

Ms Fairley said there were constant inquires for all sorts of food produce for retail markets, wholesale, processors and chefs, and has urged all growers and producers no matter how small and specialised, to make themselves known. For more information contact Sue Fairley on 4095 3062 or email fairleys@bigpond.com




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