Tropical Taste Sensations a Hit


The Cairns Post – – Skybury Tropical Taste Sensation cookbooks have been a hit!  I have noticed if you don’t get to the newsagent or shop early to secure your daily copy of The Cairns Post, you miss out.

The twelve cookbooks have great simple recipes that feature mainly tropical foods.  If you see berries or something that is not tropical, the recipes can easily be adapted to local fruits and produce.

The success has not just been for the readers, the food companies featured in ‘Meet the Producer’ has reported lots of enquiries and sales.  On the long weekend Skybury was inundated with visitors to the Australian Coffee Centre and produced over 800 meals without a hitch.  This has got to be good news for other food tourism attractions on the Tablelands and it seems local people are venturing out for a tropical food experience.

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