Our Farmers. Our Future.

 Australian Year of the Farmer

In 2012, we celebrate the Australian Year of the Farmer. It recognises what farmers do for all Australians. It’s about what we eat; about fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains, fish, meat and about wool, cotton, timber and wine – all the fine quality products that our farmers grow and harvest in large and small businesses.

Australia’s farmers should be recognised and celebrated: for feeding the nation, for leading the world in farming techniques and innovation, and for sustaining the vital agribusinesses that underpin our economy. Farmers are the providers of our nation.

The Australian Year of the Farmer reaches out to a broad audience – indeed to every Australian. It aims to involve and bring together rural and urban communities, schools, farming organisations, all the suppliers and the consumers of Australia’s fine produce in a year-long program of events across the nation.

The Australian Year of the Farmer will raise the profile of farming, highlighting the importance of food security and our dependence on the Australian farmer. Especially, it will remind city folk of the importance of our farmers, fostering greater connection and understanding, encouraging all of us to look for, to purchase and to appreciate
Australian produce. And it will demonstrate how farmers respect and value the relationship they have with consumers and urban communities.

The Australian Year of the Farmer will also focus on the future and the sustainability of our farming industries. As the Australian population grows, so does our dependence on our farmers. Our trading partners around the world also require us to keep pace with growing need and with increasing pressure on food security…

… It’s an ever-growing need.

For all of us, farming is Australia’s Life Support System … it feeds, supports, and sustains life.

Australian Farmers. Our Farmers. Our Future

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