SpiceZ Curry Kits


Designed to take you on a journey into this exotic world of spices, SpiceZ Sri Lankan Curry Kits offers all the dry flavouring herbs, seeds and carefully blended spice to create authentic Sri Lankan Curries.

The kits include an easy step by step recipe but leaves room for you to add your own unique touch.  In this way you can tailor the recipe to suit your own tastes.  A Spicez Curry kit is the best way to say you made it yourself!  Because you have to add the fresh ingredients it gives you the opportunity to use the best local produce available.

These beautifully packaged Spicez Curry Kits are a sensational convenience ingredient base that are 100% natural, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, gluten free and n MSG or fillers.

Besides the Curry Kits, SpiceZ also sell all the hard to find ingredients used in Sri Lankan, Indian and Middle eastern cookery.  Some of the more popular products are Harissa, Za’atar, Dukkah, and a Kaffir Lime and Birdseye chilli salt. We also sell roasted individual spices such as Cumin and Coriander and a beautiful Dark Roasted Sri Lankan Curry powder which includes curry leaves and Rampe.

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