Semi-dried tomato warning


Where do your semi-dried tomatoes come from?  dried-tomatoes

An outbreak of hepatitis A has been linked to contaminated semi-dried tomatoes in Victoria with about a dozen Victorians diagnosed with hepatitis A this week.

Experts from the Department of Health fear a rerun of May’s spike in the disease in Victoria and South Australia that was associated with the consumption of semi-dried tomatoes. The virus is spread when traces of faecal matter contaminate hands, objects, water or food and are then taken in by mouth. Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Dr John Carnie, said that while the new outbreak was being investigated people should avoid eating “raw” semi-dried tomatoes. “People who may have semi-dried tomatoes at home should not eat them unless they are thoroughly cooked” such as in pizza and quiche,” he said. “Restaurants and cafes should also follow this advice.”

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