ReGenAG BioFertile Farms

When:   1st -3rd September 2010
Where:  Wetherby Station – Mount Molloy Far North Queensland
FarmReady Approved Course ID#  FRTC00717
Finally, a workshop that de-mystifies soil biology and how to improve it using your own on-farm resources! The practicalities of how to hydrate, enhance and heal your soils by understanding the soil food web plus how to make a range of biologically active Aerated Compost Teas. Taught by Paul Taylor from TrustNature and Eugenio Gras from COAS.

This very popular hands-on course will re-define the role Compost Tea plays on your property. This workshop focuses on practical techniques of applying compost and compost teas for small, medium and larger-scale farming, grazing and forestry operations.

One tonne of healthy topsoil will typically harbor as much as 25% of its weight in living microorganisms. Living soil life is essential for healthy soils. Adding more microbiology (of the right kind) to your soil strengthens its structure, makes nutrients available to the plants above, builds humus and leads to resilient, productive soils, naturally.

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