Support Raw Milk Cheese

Slow Food members have been rallying in support of the Raw Milk Cheese Project with members and industry signing the petition for the right to produce raw milk cheeses in Australia.

Slow Food Australia will be petitioning parliament to overrule the FANZ report which restricts the production of raw milk cheeses. Its goal is to get 50,000 signatures to present to parliament in August.

Many countries are increasingly allowing sale and production of raw milk cheese, with artisan cheeses of high quality now being produced most notably in Ireland, the UK and US.

The New Zealand government is now lifting bans on producing unpasteurised cheese and local artisan producers are already gearing up for the production of brie and camembert.

Some of Australia’s most acclaimed talent has come out in support of the campaign. Tetsuya Wakuda, Neil Perry, Justin North, Peter Gilmore, Will Studd, Margaret Fulton, Pete Evans, Sean Connelly and Alex Herbert share their thoughts on camera.

To support the right to produce raw milk cheeses in Australia, you can sign the petition by going to:

Source: Slow Food

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