Mangrove Jack


mangrove jack

Most seaperches have superb white flesh and a delicate, yet generous, flavour. They can be prepared in a wide range of ways including grilling, poaching, deep frying, shallow frying, baking and steaming.

Simple pan-frying allows for a range of different flavours and textures to be utilised. Seaperches are often large, but the smaller fish are excellent baked whole (gilled and gutted).

Lay fillets on a bed of leeks and fennel with a small amount of fish stock. Cover and bake until just cooked. Keep the fish warm while the leeks, fennel and stock are purÈed. Heat this gently and blend in crËme fraÓche. Season to taste and pour over or under seaperch fillets and add a few roasted cashews.

Flavour Mild

Oiliness Low

Moisture Moist

Texture Firm, Flaky

Flesh Colour White to dark pink

Thickness Medium fillets, but larger fish are often cut into thick steaks

Bones Some pin bones, but these are large and easily removed

Price Seaperches are medium-priced finfish.

Suggested Wines

A range of wines can be served with seaperch, including chenin blanc, colombard and semillon sauvignon blanc blends.

The spicy flavours in Mick McDougall s recipe saddletail seaperch with Thai jockey from the Bonrook Lodge in the Northern Territory, can be complemented by a sparkling shiraz.

Cooking Ideas

Bake   Deep Fry
Grill/barbecue Poach Raw
Shallow Fry Smoke Steam/microwave

When Caught

Year round

Important Features

Wild/Farmed Wild, Some species, such as golden seaperch (Lutjanus johnii), show potential for aquaculture.

Habitat Saltwater and estuarine, Often caught near reefs, but some species more common on offshore trawling grounds

Recovery Rate

Fillets: 38% from whole seaperch

Mangrove Jack Research

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Some larger species, such as paddletail (Lutjanus gibbus) and red bass (L. bohar), have been known to cause ciguatera fish poisoning in some areas and should be avoided.

Imports Myanmar, Namibia: frozen gilled and gutted and fillets

Common Size >75cm

Overseas Names GB: mangrove red snapper; J: goma-fuedai; RI: kakap merah; ZA: river snapper, rivier-snapper

Grading Not usually graded

Nutrition Facts

per 100g of raw product

Kilojoules na
Cholesterol 21mg
Sodium na
Total fat (oil) 0.4g
Saturated fat 31% of total fat
Monounsaturated fat 16% of total fat
Polyunsaturated fat 53% of total fat
Omega-3, EPA 11mg
Omega-3, DHA 117mg
Omega-6, AA 38mg

Data presented are for blue threadfin.