Artocarpus odoratissimus

Other names: Tarap

History: Native of South East Asia

Shape: The fruit is oblong in shape.

Weight/size: Typically about 20cm long

Colour: Greenish yellow when ripe and covered in soft short spines.

Taste: The fruit has a strong aroma. The flesh is very sweet and juicy.

Buying/storage: The skin turns from green to a more yellow colour when the fruit is ripe. The short spines become rigid and brittle when fruit is ripe and should snap when bent.

Preparing/serving: Ripe fruit is opened by cutting the rind around the middle of the fruit and gently pulling the halves apart. Another way to open is to hold onto the stalk and peel back skin like a banana. Once the fruit is opened, it must be eaten within a few hours, as the flesh discolours quickly and flavour deteriorates.

The seeds can be roasted and eaten.