Star Apple

star appleSTAR APPLE Chrysophyllum cainito

Other names: Caimito, Cainito.

History: Originates from the West Indies.

Shape: The fruit is round in shape.

Weight/size: Size varies from 4 to 8cm in diameter.

Colour: All green skinned when immature, the purple variety develops to a deep purple skin when ripe and the green variety develops to a light golden green skin. May have up to 10 flattened

Taste: The flesh is sweet and tastes very smooth and aromatic.

Buying/storing: Look for smooth, bright, shiny fruit with no skin damage. Can be stored at room temperature up to a week and in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. The pulp can also
be frozen. Blended pulp will set like jelly when stored in refrigerator.

Preparing/serving: Star apples must not be bitten into. The skin and rind are inedible. When opening a star apple, do not allow any of the bitter latex of the skin to contact the edible flesh. The ripe fruit, preferably chilled, may be cut in half and the flesh spooned out, leaving the seed cells and core. Cutting in half produces an attractive star pattern. Makes a nice drink when mixed with orange. Excellent in milkshakes.

Variety: Purple (Haitian and Griemeil) and Green.