Vanilla Bean


Description:This subtle and unique spice is the world’s most popular flavouring for cakes, sweets, ice-creams, drinks etc. as well as an ingredient in cosmetics,perfumes and air fresheners.

A few interesting facts about vanilla

A few drops of vanilla in a can of paint will help eliminate unpleasant

A vanilla bean under your car seat gives a fresh aroma and helps eliminate
musty odors.

A teaspoon or so of vanilla in Italian tomato sauces or Mexican chili helps cut the acidity of the tomatoes!

The United States consumption of vanilla beans is approximately 1,200 tons per year!

In baking, cream the vanilla with the shortening or butter portion of the ingredients. The fat encapsulates the vanilla, preventing it from volatilizing in the baking process.

Vanilla beans are hand-pollinated, on family plantations.

The entire vanilla cultivation process, from planting to market, can take from five to six years!