Diospyros kaki

Other names: Fuji Fruit, Sharon Fruit, Kaki Fruit.

Intro: In Japan, where it is called kaki, it is the national fruit and the name means “Food of the Gods”.

It was introduced into Queensland in the 1800s.

History: The persimmon is native to Japan and China.

Shape: Round to heart-shaped.

Weight/size: Typically range from 6 – 9cm in diameter.

Colour: Bright orange when ripe, thin skinned with an orange flesh.

Taste: There are two types of fruit, Astringent and Non-astringent. The astringent fruit has soft mushy flesh when ripe and is flatter in shape with distinct jelly-like segments. The non astringent variety has crisp flesh and is more round in shape. In both varieties, the flesh is sweet tasting.

Buying/storge: Choose firm, glossy plump fruit, free from blemishes.

Ripen at room temperature. Will store in refrigerator for up to a week.

Preparing/serving: Best eaten fresh. Can be used sliced in salads or made into jam and cakes. Good accompaniment to pork, lamb or chicken.

Variety: Fuyu and Jiro.